Independent fashion retailers will soon be able to offer customers instant, interest-free lines of credit with a smartphone-based app that makes in-store interest free credit transactions 40x faster than current offerings.

Set to be launched in October, AppToPay has been developed by James Jones, owner of family-run, award-winning independent boutique Robinsons of Bawtry in Doncaster.

The app allows small, medium-sized and independent retailers to offer shoppers the level of in-store finance usually reserved only for major retail chains.

“At Robinsons of Bawtry, we have been looking for years for someone who could provide us with a store card,” Jones said. “They simply don’t exist for businesses of our size. The only options require at least 10,000 new issuances a year. For all but the biggest retailers, that’s totally unachievable.”

He decided to create the app to allow retailers to offer their customers interest free lines of credit via their smartphone or tablet instead.

Customers apply online and once approved download the app to their smartphone or tablet to use in their chosen retailer immediately.  On application, customers get a decision typically within minutes, a credit limit is established and a direct debit is set up to collect re-payments.  Each purchase made has its own pre-set repayment period, which ranges from two to twelve months, although retailers get paid in full within a few days of the purchase.

Jones said the app is designed to give retailers and their customers an upmarket, modern alternative to old-fashioned methods of applying for store credit. The only equipment both the retailer and the customer require is a smartphone or a tablet.

“There is a stigma attached to traditional in-store finance applications, which AppToPay eradicates,” Jones says. “It can be embarrassing for the customer to have to stand at the till counter, give personal information and then wait to see if they’re accepted or rejected. As a premium independent boutique, we want to offer a better customer experience. This payment method is as fast, seamless and discreet as a credit card transaction.”

“Because the customer can make the application online and download AppToPay in their own time, the app also helps retailers by eradicating the time and training required to recruit and sign customers up to traditional in-store finance” Jones said

“A whole range of additional benefits can be unlocked by retailers who use the payment service. AppToPay can be integrated into a store’s e-commerce site, for example, and can also push notifications to customers via the app when offers, flash sales, favourite brands and new products are available.

AppToPay creates a captive audience of customers for stores, each with an available line of credit,” Jones said. “It makes expensive items more affordable without discounting and drives up-selling.

It’s designed to please shoppers who want the flexibility to pay for mid-ticket or impulse spends when and how they want to. We’ve found it builds store loyalty, too – basket spends at the Robinsons of Bawtry store using interest-free credit are typically 30% to 40% higher than when not using credit.”

Jones concluded: “There’s been a lot of negative press about the high street, especially for indie retailers. This is a tool designed by an independent retailer, for other independent retailers. It should give a real boost to business.”

AppToPay runs on both Apple and Android phone operating systems and will be available for retailers and customers to download via Apple’s App Store and the Google Play store.

The app will launch with a live one-month trial period in October, before being rolled out nationwide. Jones said there are also plans to expand the finance tool into other retail areas beyond fashion.

Retailers interested in offering AppToPay to their customers can access more information and register for the service at

For more information contact:-

James Jones
Founder, AppToPay
Phone: 07739 989420