Home Working – is Pain the trade-off for Gain?

Sounded like a great idea until it became a reality? Chapman Physiotherapy give advice on home-working and what you can do to help yourself.

For some, what was anticipated as a six-week novelty in good weather; has become the best part of a year working off a laptop at a dining table, with no end in sight.  And for those who really drew the short straw, they’re now suffering from headaches, neck and arm pain.  The incidence of referred pain caused by poor posture and lack of regular movement has dramatically increased over the last year.

So what can you do to prevent this?  Here are five tips you could try.

  1. Don’t get caught out on Zoom.  So many people who have worked from home long term say they used to walk around on their phone calls but are now unable to with the onset of video conferencing.  If this has become your normal, make sure you regularly get up and stretch.
  2. Ensure you have a good seating position.  For reference, your feet should be supported and your hips equal to or slightly higher than your knees.  Don’t get into a habit of working on a sofa or using a coffee table as your desk.
  3. Raise your monitor to eye level, if you only have a laptop to work from an additional plug-in keyboard could be an option?
  4. Mix up your position, stand at a worktop from time to time, or sit on a gym ball to activate your core.
  5. Regular exercises.  Every two hours tuck your chin in and roll your head down. Roll your shoulders backwards and forwards.  Slump down and then sit up as tall as possible.  Fold your arms across your chest and twist side to side.  Repeat each exercise three times.

Nerves are quite resilient but once irritated can be very stubborn to settle. If you are struggling with pain and/or pins and needles at night, it may be worth consulting your GP for some analgesia to help.  Generally, though, physiotherapy can be very effective in alleviating symptoms.  A combination of hands-on treatment exercises to mobilise the nerve and improve posture, offload strapping, advice and education can quickly help resolve the issue.  In Bawtry, Chapman Physiotherapy is currently open Mondays and Fridays and appointments can be booked by calling 01302 321245.