Longest standing member of Bawtry Gym celebrates his 90th Birthday

One of the longest standing members of Bawtry Gym, Church Walk, Bawtry Syd Chapman from Tickhill celebrates his 90th birthday on the 11th July. 

In his working life, Syd worked in pretty bad conditions which sadly resulted in him seeing two of his work colleagues dying before the age of 65. This made Syd determined to look after himself and keep healthy & fit and so at the age of 60 joined a gym.  Syd, the eldest of 9, has been going to Bawtry Gym with his wife Shirley (84) for over 16 years and religiously goes 3 times a week .

“Bawtry Gym is like a  little community and we have made so many friends. I have enjoyed gardening and fishing during lockdown but couldn’t wait to get back to my regular sessions at the gym once it  reopened” said Syd. “It was a bit tough coming back into training after so long away but with the help and support from gym owner Will Robinson I am  back on track again.  I love all the equipment at the gym but my particular favourite is the leg press which I could do all day long”.

Will Robinson, owner and personal trainer at Bawtry Gym said  “Syd is a real inspiration to us all and a wonderful man to be around.  Syd and Shirley are a fantastic couple and we hope Syd continues to entertain us with his joke telling for many more years to come”.

Bawtry Gym presented Syd with a special 90th balloon and a cake and fellow gym buddies bought him gifts too. Syd and Shirley are also looking forward to celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary in December.

For more information contact Will Robinson at Bawtry Gym on 01302 711152 or email robinsonpt@mail.com