Lockdown feature

Cadet Corporal Jade Ivinson talks about the challenges the Royal Air Force Air Cadets (RAFAC) have faced since the Lockdown, and the positives that have come out of it too.

1: Speaking in terms of our locality, what do you regard as the most challenging aspect of the long lockdown – and why?

There are many difficulties with the extended lockdown, it’s been a struggle to be unable to even walk down the street without fear of infection. As members of the Royal Air Force Air Cadets (RAFAC), we have found it challenging to miss out on some of our more physical activities such as fieldcraft. Also, despite the continuing virtual parades, keeping up with friendships, events and projects (or even missing them completely) has been a challenge.

2: What good things do you think arose because of the crisis and the lockdown?

Despite some negatives, there are undeniably many positives that have been created by the lockdown. A sense of community and understanding has been created. Many are now taking the time to go outside, take a break from the usually hectic stress of modern life, and listen to others alongside focusing on their own lives. Families have been brought closer, broken bonds have been fixed. Life has slowed down and these times are being welcomed as a chance to reflect on our busy, materialistic lives, and it has helped us realise how we can be a better people, and how the whole human race can be better. The crisis has also provided a unique opportunity to start new hobbies, learn new skills, and fully recognise just how important the things we do all the time mean to us, and the extreme effect it would have if we lost them. Many of the cadets from 2008 (Bawtry) Squadron have quickly realised how their lives were positively adjusted when we attend cadets every week, and how much we cherish the consistency, excitement and connection that being an Air Cadet provides.

3: How will you be celebrating the return of normal life? And what have you missed most?

As positive as this lockdown may have been, many (if not all) of us are anticipating the news that we’re able to return to normal. People have missed seeing their friends, hugging their family members, attending events and so much more. Many Cadets have missed the buzz of being in a group of friends, the encouragement of a team environment, and the joy of seeing people come together from all areas of life. As soon as they are able, people will visit family from outside their household, spend time with friends, and return to the places they love (such as 2008 (Bawtry) Squadron for our Cadets). Also, several people plan to embrace their new found freedom and adapt their newly learnt skills to continue to grow their skills. Whether this is running the extra distance we couldn’t before, or joining more classes, or even teaching classes, we don’t plan on wasting the positives of this lockdown.

Cadet Corporal (Cpl) Jade Ivinson (NCO I/C Media)
2008 (Bawtry) RAF Air Cadets