Flushed with success!

Following Doncaster Council’s (DMBC’s) decision to place the Gainsborough Road Toilet Blocks up for let we are delighted to announce that the successful bid was from Bawtry Heritage Group with support from the Bawtry Retail Association (BRA). This being a community let as part of DMBC’s policy to support community groups whenever possible.

The toilets were forced to be closed due to persistent vandalism. The Town Council (BTC) made the difficult decision to close the facilities and return them to DMBC. They have remained abandoned for over 3 years.

The group have big plans for these small buildings including a Heritage, Information & Visitor centre, and adult changing facilities. They are excited to repurpose one of the first buildings many people see when entering Bawtry. Chair of the Bawtry Heritage Group Cllr. Rachael Blake says “the buildings are located in the conservation area of Bawtry and its prominent position makes it the ideal choice for a Heritage & Visitor centre.”

The group, in conjunction with the other supporting parties, are looking into various funding streams and will be looking for practical and financial support from local people. Ross Jarvie Chair of the BRA states “I hope that this project will be a bit like DIY SOS or Challenge Annika, with local businesses and people volunteering time, materials, money or skills.”

The group is also seeking anyone within the town who is interested in its history and heritage to join its ranks and help in any way that they can.

Local architect Anthony Snowden, and solicitors Jones & Co, have already offered their services for which the group are very grateful. The group has a busy few months ahead registering as a charity and arranging the finer points. Further press releases will be issued as progress is made.

In the meantime, any pledges of interest and/or support would be welcomed.

Contact: Rachael.Blake@doncaster.gov.uk; john.linsley@bawtrytowncouncil.co.uk or ross.jarvie@fineandcountry.com